PDSC supports Back to Business Fund

The Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) is proud to be supporting the Mayor of London and London Business Hub’s ‘Back to Business’ Fund, which enables small and independent businesses to raise vital capital, rebuild and recover from the impact of COVID-19 through crowdfunding.

Through the Mayor’s £1m Back to Business Fund, the Mayor will match every pound raised by a business up to a maximum of £5,000 - or 50% of their campaign target - to help them expand their operation online and invest in their future.

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Alongside the funds, businesses will receive access to a Back to Business Toolkit, which allows them to have access to bespoke training on a range of themes to digitise their business and adapt to safe, socially distant trading.

As part of the Back to Business Toolkit, the PDSC are offering their Digitally Aware certification scheme to participating SMEs at a vastly reduced rate of just £5. The Digitally Aware certification scheme enables SMEs to take active steps towards good cyber security and promote the fact that they take digital and cyber security seriously to their customers, shareholders and staff.

Michelle Kradolfer, Cyber Development Officer at the PDSC, said: “Now more than ever, SMEs need all the support they can get to get back on their feet and to recover from the enormous challenges they have had to face in recent times.

“Our goal at PDSC is to help SMEs start their cyber security journey by providing them with simple and easy tools to strengthen their cyber security posture and become more resilient. We are delighted to support the Mayor’s Back to Business Fund by providing our Digitally Aware certification scheme to participating businesses as part of the Back to Business Toolkit. We truly believe that good cyber security is good for business”.

Find out more about the Back to Business Fund here: https://payitforward.london.gov.uk/fund

The Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) is part of Police Crime Prevention Initiatives, a police-owned, not-for-profit organisation that works on behalf of the Police Service throughout the UK to deliver a wide range of crime prevention initiatives to reduce crime, as well as acting as a catalyst to bring together public and private sector organisations to create safer communities.

As well as law enforcement, the PDSC works in partnership with industry, government and academia in support of the Government’s ambition to make the UK one of the safest places to do business online.

To help businesses start their cyber security journey, the PDSC have developed a simple online assessment tool which will help test the resilience of the business to the most common types of cyber crime. Based on the NCSC’s Small Business Guide, and developed in collaboration with BSI (the British Standards Institution), the Digitally Aware scheme recognises those businesses who have made the first step towards better cyber security.

For more information see: www.policedsc.com