Ballard Chalmers renew Digitally Aware accreditation

One of the UK’s leading custom software engineering companies, Ballard Chalmers, have renewed their Digitally Aware accreditation.

The Police Digital Security Centre’s (PDSC) Digitally Aware certification scheme, designed in collaboration with BSI (the British Standards Institute), is aimed at helping SMEs reduce their vulnerability to cyber crime and promote those businesses who have taken the first step towards better cybersecurity. With an SME being hacked on average once every 19 seconds in the UK, and 41% of UK consumers claiming they will never return to a business that has had a security breach, investing in cyber security has never been more important.

The Digitally Aware certification can be completed through a simple online assessment in just 15 minutes. The assessment helps test the resilience of the business to the most common types of cyber crime and businesses are provided with a tailored report based on the assessment, which contains specific recommendations of action in accordance with the latest Government and police guidance. Businesses who achieve the Digitally Aware accreditation receive a certificate valid for 12 months.

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Michelle Kradolfer, Cyber Development Officer at the PDSC, said: “Digitally Aware is all about ensuring that an organisation builds a strong cyber security foundation from within and encourages good cyber practices throughout the business.

“For some SMEs, this certificate will be a stepping stone in their cyber security journey, which will lead them to go onto achieving higher levels of cyber certifications, such as Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essential Plus, ISO27001 and Digitally Resilient. While we highly encourage businesses to continue on their journey, we also recognise that some of those higher-level certifications might not be needed or suitable for some SMEs, which is why PDSC developed Digitally Aware.

“Our goal is to ensure that no business is left behind and everyone, no matter the size or sector they are in, can participate in improving their cyber security posture and become more resilient.”

Andrew Chalmers, MD and co-founder of Ballard Chalmers, said: “Cybersecurity is a fundamental that must be gotten in for any business when working online. As a company working in the field of IT, our software is always designed with a security-first approach and that means our own work must be fully secure. The Digitally Aware scheme is a great beginning for top-notch cybersecurity and certainly acted as a stepping stone for us to achieve ISO 27001”.

Ballard Chalmers specialise in enterprise applications on the Microsoft Platform, principally dedicated to custom software development and integration for the Microsoft Cloud, as well as on-premises and hybrid systems. The company’s expertise is in Microsoft Modern Application Development, Azure Modern Data Warehouse, Azure Integration Services and the Microsoft Data Platform.

Ballard Chalmers celebrated 15 years in business in December 2020, and as well as renewing their Digitally Aware certification and Cyber Essentials certification, this year they achieved the security milestone of ISO 27001 accreditation. As a software development company, the value and importance of cyber security have clearly been recognised and the time taken to achieve world-class security standards.

Ballard Chalmers clients include leading public and private sector organisations in all major industry sectors, particularly energy & utilities, financial services, non-profit, education and healthcare.

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The PDSC is part of Police Crime Prevention Initiatives, a police-owned, not-for-profit organisation that works on behalf of the Police Service throughout the UK to deliver a wide range of crime prevention initiatives to reduce crime, as well as acting as a catalyst to bring together public and private sector organisations to create safer communities.

As well as law enforcement, the PDSC works in partnership with industry, government and academia in support of the Government’s ambition to make the UK one of the safest places to do business online.

The PDSC is focused on helping SMEs reduce their vulnerability to cybercrime and fraud by raising awareness about the most common types of cyber-crime and the simple steps they can take to protect themselves. All advice and guidance is consistent with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

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