Become a Partner

PDSC OFFICIAL PARTNER LOGOAbout the Partner Programme

At PDSC, we’re keen to help as many SMEs as possible improve their security and reduce their vulnerability to cyber crime and fraud. To achieve this, we want to work with organisations who want to become a partner and can help us increase our reach. That’s why we’ve recently launched our new Partnership Programme.


Who can become a ‘Partner’?

A Partner is an organisation such as a bank, insurer or Business Improvement District (BID) who have access to a large number of SMEs. For example, you may have a large SME customer base or you operate a membership scheme comprising of SMEs, such as through a trade body. If you are a cyber security company, please speak to us about our Digital Security Provider scheme.

There are just under 6 million SMEs in the UK and we want to reach as many of them as possible. By working with Partners we will be able to reach many more, helping to raise awareness about the importance of good cyber security to a larger audience.


What does becoming a Partner mean?

We want to keep things simple. Becoming a PDSC Partner is about helping us get our core messages out to as many SMEs as possible:

  • Promoting our work, including our award-winning ‘In The Community’ programme
  • Sharing our SME-focused content with your customers or members
  • Sponsoring our events, seminars or cyber awareness sessions

In return, PDSC welcomes the opportunity to promote your organisation:

  • Providing content for our newsletters, blogs or infographics that we can share with SME and on our social media channels
  • Including your logo on our website with a brief description about your organisation and how you are helping SMEs reduce their vulnerability to cyber crime


How much does it cost to become Partner?

Nothing. We’re not looking for any financial contribution from you. Our aim is simply to increase our reach and ensure our cyber security messages reach as large an audience as possible, ensuring as many SMEs as possible know what good cyber security looks like.  


How do I apply?

Please click the button below to make contact and one of the team will be in touch: