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There are just under 6 million SMEs in the UK and the Police DSC want to reach as many of them as possible to help them improve their security and reduce their vulnerability to cyber crime and fraud.

By working with Partners, the Police DSC will be able to reach many more, helping to raise awareness about the importance of good cyber security to a larger audience. Partner organisations could include banks, insurers or Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) - anyone who has access to a large number of SMEs.

There is no cost to becoming a Police DSC partner, it is about helping get the Police DSC’s core messages out to as many SMEs as possible. This includes partners promoting our work, such as our award-winning ‘In The Community’ programme; sharing our SME-focused content with their customers or members; sponsoring Police DSC events, seminars or cyber awareness sessions.

Partners are also afforded the opportunity to promote their organisation by providing relevant content blogs or infographics that can be shared with SMEs or put out via the Police DSC newsletters or social media channels. 

Our Partners


Barclays and the Police Digital Security Centre share the same vision of helping UK businesses become more cyber secure, in support of the Government’s commitment to make the UK one of the safest places to do business online. The partnership will see Barclays share the Police Digital Security Centre’s content with its SME customers through its Digital Eagles network, which covers the whole of the UK, as well as work with the Police Digital Security Centre to identify opportunities to increase its reach, helping to raise awareness about the importance of good cyber security to a larger audience. Read more...


The Police Digital Security Centre (Police DSC) and Bewica have joined forces to make it very easy for any business to reduce its risk and prevent cyber attacks. Digitally Aware is now integrated into Bewica’s platform, making it easy for businesses to assess their security risk, fill any identified gaps with Bewica’s automated tools and obtain the Digitally Aware certificate to evidence their security to their clients and stakeholders. We share the same mission: to give practical help to small businesses in defending themselves against cyber crime and understand the key security gaps they need to address. Read more...

How do I become a Partner?

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