Phishing Scams

Consumer-oriented phishing emails appear in corporate environments, after the malicious messages make it past perimeter defences. The genuine-looking emails aim to harvest an unsuspecting victim’s email, password, mobile numbers, and the “memorable information” used in two-factor authentication. Find out more about phishing and phishing emails.

It’s a team sport: make your people your first line of active cyber defence

The reality is that we all require new digital or cyber awareness skills and behaviours for the digital age to better understand what appropriate and safe behaviours look like. This blog provides information on cyber security training.

What is Cyber Hygiene and why is it important?

TurremGroup talks about Cyber Hygiene and why it is important for organisations. You would not think twice about practicing the good personal hygiene needed to promote good health – cleaning your teeth regularly for example – and so practicing good cyber hygiene should be up there with those basic well-being steps to promote good ‘IT health.’ Cyber Hygiene refers to the steps taken by users to maintain the health of their devices.