Cyber Communications

Cyber Communications During an Emergency

During an emergency, it’s essential for a comms team to understand the full facts and impacts of the crisis. If they don’t, they’ll be forever playing catch-up with the media and other stakeholders.

Beware Coronavirus phishing attacks: Stop, Think and Be Safe

One group who are clearly enjoying the Coronavirus pandemic are cyber criminals. It’s proved yet another valuable opportunity for them to play on our fears, doubts and vulnerabilities through simple phishing scams. Yet, like regularly washing our hands to avoid getting sick, we can take some simple measures to stay vigilant and safe from attack.

Social Engineering | What do we do when a scam is convincing?

We all encounter a scam at some point during our personal and professional lives. The question is, what do we do when the scam is so convincing, we accidentally fall victim?

Managing a Breach

When the National Cyber Security Centre advises on combatting the increasing cyber threat, they are saying that organisations should focus on When, Not If [a Cyber breach]1 occurs. This is a call to plan for recovery. 

Online Security

A Five Point Guide to Improve your Online Security

In this blog, Nic Sarginson, Senior Solutions Engineer, Yubico, offers a few simple tips to help businesses shore up their security posture and reduce the risk of online fraud and cybercrime.