Virtual Private Networks

When you’re working from home, you’ll still want to access your work’s digital resources. If you’re going to be accessing business documents and resources over the internet from your home, there are two things you really don’t want: a stranger to SEE those work documents, and a stranger who could ALTER those documents.

Securing Live Conference Calls

One of my favourite programmes was Spooks. Seemingly capable of logging into anything, it was always done speedily and without much thought. Hacking Zoom is the new reality - but it doesn’t involve hacking, it just involves knowing slightly more than someone else. Like the Cabinet Office releasing screenshots of a Zoom call clearly showing the meeting ID.

Cyber Communications During an Emergency

During an emergency, it’s essential for a comms team to understand the full facts and impacts of the crisis. If they don’t, they’ll be forever playing catch-up with the media and other stakeholders.

Home and mobile working: common sense security advice

The current coronavirus crisis has pushed ‘home and mobile working’ onto the front pages.

Self-isolation is critically important as we work towards preventing the rapid spread of the virus. But how can we isolate ourselves from a different threat whilst working remotely or at home? 

Beware Coronavirus phishing attacks: Stop, Think and Be Safe

One group who are clearly enjoying the Coronavirus pandemic are cyber criminals. It’s proved yet another valuable opportunity for them to play on our fears, doubts and vulnerabilities through simple phishing scams. Yet, like regularly washing our hands to avoid getting sick, we can take some simple measures to stay vigilant and safe from attack.