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Covid and Vaccine Scams - Click HERE for more information

Ensure you are aware of the latest threats

Being well-versed on current trends puts your business in a stronger position to mitigate against potential risks and so we recommend that you sign-up to the latest NCSC weekly threat reports.

An awareness of the latest threats will enable you to review your Incident Response Plan so it is fit for purpose and evaluate your current security posture, taking action where needed. Any delay in reacting to threats will leave systems vulnerable and it only takes simple preventative measures such as patching, strengthening passwords or implementing 2FA to avoid catastrophic consequences. 

Zero DAyWhilst social media channels can be a good source of information in real-time, you should always check the veracity of the original post.

Click on the image opposite to download more information on Zero-Day Vulnerability:

You could also read a great blog by Nick Wilding, General Manager, Cyber Resilience, AXELOS - Beware Coronavirus phishing attacks: Stop, Think and Be Safe

Below are some useful downloads, the middle image gives you some fantastic links to the latest news on cyber crime – please encourage staff to remain alert and ensure they are informed of tell-tale signs of an attack and your business’s reporting procedures.

Do you know the dangers of using Public Wifi? Click HERE to find out more.

It’s that time of year when businesses submit their Tax and request rebates. Fraudsters will tailor their scams to these annual procedures to manipulate you into paying a penalty; alternatively, they might entice you into a rebate to get your personal and financial information... Read more

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Latest Threats
Latest Threats
Latest Threats

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The Metropoliton Police and Hiscox have put together some informative and thought-provoking videos to help you and your business be more aware of the dangers of fraud online.

Cyber Attack in the real world

Test & Trace

Is your account being used for criminality?


How to reduce the risk of Payment Fraud

Guidelines to safer shopping online